Trivial: remove files obsoleted by r5895
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[TRIVIAL] Fixed mysql agent script ignores mysql_host config (#1053).

Medium: move cisco loadbalancer modules to 'loadbalancer' module with mib-type support
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[TRIVIAL] Fixed use $_SERVER['SCRIPT_FILENAME'] when used symlinks to observium dirs.

Minor: remove base_url from default config, it should be left alone to set up a base install of Observium unless doing very advanced things
[TRIVIAL] Restored previously removed $config['web_url'].

Minor: specify HOST-RESOURCES-MIB in Synology DSM detection
[DEVEL] Added tag MOVEME for some functions, removed $config['web_url'] (as duplicated with base_url), small cleanup.

[TRIVIAL] Strip slash char from the end of config options *_dir.

[TRIVIAL] Use wildcard sysObjectID for NetApp os definition.

[TRIVIAL] Fixed very rare situation when stdout is ended before got correct status exitcode in external_exec().

[TRIVIAL] Fixed get current revision in stable branch with old svn.

[TRIVIAL] Fixed sometimes get wrong exit status in external_exec().

Trivial: don't set auth_ldap_ad_domain by default
[DEVEL] Show last snmp_status for all snmp function calls in debug output.

Medium: add support to automatically determine LDAP server list from AD SRV records
Minor: reset geolocation when device location changes
Medium: Fix 'require all' alerter condition setting upon alert creation, fixes #908
Medium: Allow support of multiple LDAP servers listed in an array. Luckily, ldap_connect already supports this for us ;)
[TRIVIAL] Fixed display crossbar overview for Cisco 6k/7k, do not show non fabric channels (#1033).

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[TRIVIAL] Removed unused file, as duplicated functionality added in r5862.

[TRIVIAL] Fixed simple_template(), if {{var}} not exist in keys, remove it from template.

[DEL] Remove configuration-specific hacked icap poller. Never worked for anyone except the writer! :D

[FIX] Convert Bluecoat collection and graphing to new table-based poller with two RRDs. ICAP-MIB needs instance-aware polling, so will be removed.

[TRIVIAL] Small fixes for polling NS-ROOT-MIB, EMBEDDED-NGX-MIB.

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[ADD] Add support for config storage and ngx os info from embedded-ngx-mib

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[FIX] typo on device/edit/graphs

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rename collect_table -> collect_table_old and collect_table_new -> collect_table

Convert NS-ROOT-MIB graphs to _new function. Add README directing to new function.

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[ADD] Move per-mib/table collection to array + foreach loop containing function call. Means definitions can be loaded without being triggered. If Tumblr has taught us anything, it's that triggering is a serious problem.

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