Minor: restore regeneration output when run from web interface
Trivial: rename .php to .inc.php files to fall in line with most of our other include files
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[TRIVIAL] Fixed disable refresh on settings page.

Trivial: correct previous commit, now really not refreshing on realtime port view, whoops
Minor: disable refresh on realtime port view
Minor: some database code fixups and other small cleanups
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[TRIVIAL] Fixed -1sec refresh left.

[MINOR] Added time left counter to next page refresh (see in refresh navbar).

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Minor: add omitted sensor state definition for OADWDM power supply
[TRIVIAL] Fixed code-style for EXTREME-BASE-MIB discovery (from prev. commit).

[ADD] Add support for per-slot CPU usage on Extreme devices.

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Minor: add fan and pwowersupply state sensors for OADWDM-MIB (MRV)
[MAJOR] Added nav-menu for control web page refresh time. Uses page exceptions, where refresh not allowed.

Added and improved functions print_refresh(), formatUptime().

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Medium: allow suppression of the recovery notification on a per alert checker basis. Useful for device reboots, bgp or interface flaps, etc.
[FIX] variable name

[ADD] Improve Cisco CBQoS support to show policy and class map names in the UI. This is done in discovery as it's too slow for polling. Names will appear after first discovery.

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Minor: rename OASFP-MIB to OA-SFP-MIB
[TRIVIAL] Additional reserved/image mempool ignores.

Trivial: derusski housekeeping logs
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Medium: add support for MRV SFP temperature, dbm and bias current metrics. From #922
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[MINOR] Fixed delete entries from huge tables by housekeeping script. Added message about "not found entries".

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Minor: move infinera iqnos to sysobjectid discovery
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Major: remove old deprecated alerts; they can all be replaced by checkers in the new alerting system. Handle with care if you were relying on the old system.
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Minor: add small warning to poller and discovery when passing an invalid device
Minor: add Infinera device OS recognition and icon
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Minor: add option to enable/disable chasing of LDAP referrals, from #488. Turned off by default.
Medium: rework navbar backend code. IMPORTANT: if you use navbar-custom, the bad news is you will have to change its contents to fill an array like the new code does. The good news is you'll be able to create new menus, and append to just about all others.
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Trivial: use $scriptname in housekeeping example, minor html fix on perf page
[MINOR] Added additional check if device SNMPable before discovery, changed order - first discovered the fastest.

[MINOR] Small fix for check_extension_exists(). Suppress error about not exist 'posix' php extension in is_cron() and print_prompt() functions.