Minor: fix wrong include for renamed common file in definitions
[MINOR] Fixed discovery bgp-peers (OBSERVIUM-903 - peer not removed when removed from device).

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    • +22
[TRIVIAL] Fixed unit tests for includes. Added test for '-'/'_' in mib_dirs().

[MINOR] Fixed discovery d-link proccessors and mempools. Fixed mib_dirs() for work with '-' and '_' in dir name.

[ADD] Add support for ServersCheck ServersRoom Temperature Sensor.

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[Add] Add additional sensors to XUPS-MIB (Output Load Sensor, Battery Capacity Sensor, Battery Runtime Remaining Sensor)

[ADD] Add ability to search Juniper/Trapeze APs using the new tables from the global search box.

[TRIVIAL] Updated html5shiv to latest (who still uses IE < 9?).

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[MINOR] Less JSes loaded by default. Changed font size for switch-mini.

[MINOR] Revert back old bs2 style for bootstrap-switch.

[TRIVIAL] Derp.. 71.7 -> 71.8!

[MINOR] Fixed 1px bug in css bootstrap-switch. Don't load google code prettify on every page. Forgotten file ref.php. Added more page refresh excludes.

Minor: change frontend logic from suppress recovery to send recovery
Medium: attempt #2 at suppressing recovery, adding the database update
[FIX] Fix alert check editing. Fix some alignment issues by re-ordering divs.

[FIX] Fix add alert check

[TRIVIAL] Fixed includes in scripts.

[TRIVIAL] Updated ref formatter to latest.

[TRIVIAL] Moved html specific ref formatter include into right place.

[ADD] Add missing graph definition

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Minor: module timing information on console for discovery (not in database/webinterface yet)
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    • +15
[FIX] Fix legends for cbqos packets graph

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    • +10
Minor: code style cleanup of sensor discovery files. No need for is_array, foreach will only do arrays and snmp_*_oid ALWAYS returns an array, empty if no data
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    • +37
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    • +29
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Minor: restore regeneration output when run from web interface
Trivial: rename .php to .inc.php files to fall in line with most of our other include files
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[TRIVIAL] Fixed disable refresh on settings page.

Trivial: correct previous commit, now really not refreshing on realtime port view, whoops
Minor: disable refresh on realtime port view
Minor: some database code fixups and other small cleanups
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[TRIVIAL] Fixed -1sec refresh left.