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Trivial: remove unused/wrong nginx-stats script
OEC PDU support, from #811
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Medium: fix for last commit
Medium: unbreak areca sensors, clean up code a little, more cleanup to come
[ADD] Add CISCO-PROCESS-MIB memory pool detection and polling for Cisco devices (apparently some low end Nexus devices /only/ report memory here)

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Minor: add generate-smokeping.php to dump a Smokeping target configuration to stdout; redirect for example to /etc/smokeping/config.d/Targets to automatically add new hosts
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[FIX] Readded discovery for sensors params: 'entPhysicalIndex_measured', 'measured_class', 'measured_entity'.

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[FIX] Discover more Brocade/Foundry processors and fix precision of newer processors.

[FIX] Fix sensors which previously had a divisor

[FIX] fix the fix. derp.

[FIX] Do not remove used fields.

[MAJOR] Updated sensors discovery and polling modules.

Now all MIBs use scale instead divisor/multiplier.

Added optional field entPhysicalClass (for now used for state sensors).

Limits and other optional values passed as array.

Fixed discovery for some MIBs.

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  1. … 65 more files in changeset.
Minor: remove pretty much unused dot1q version check, oid not present on some devices while the Vlan table is
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Minor: allow decimals in alert definitions with units
Medium: Alerting: sync up device match conditions with metric match conditions
Trivial: fix function description comment
Medium: improved 'show tech' page, now also includes support for the RANCID integration.
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Medium: allow units (100GB, 5MB, etc) to be used in alert conditions (lt/gt/eq/ne). Includes unit test for function.
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[TRIVIAL] Oneline fix for discovery -h none :)

Medium: clean up and fix smokeping latency graphs
Minor: small improvement to incoming/outgoing tabs shown on latency page
Minor: remove Synology DSM block from OS 'unix' file, it has its own which fetches all data correctly
[MINOR] Fixed device column on alerts page (OBSERVIUM-803).

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[MINOR] Small fixes for discovery, print_message() and qtip.

[FIX] Fixes to graphing of memory usage on linux hosts (shared is difficult to take account of)

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[FIX] some tweaks to the alerts page, show all failed as default, fix showing alerter link for type=all.

Trivial: code/indent cleanups
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Minor: some UPS code fixes and additions
Minor: round unix processor usage in overview as well
[FIX] round average processor usage in overview