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[TRIVIAL] Last change for isSNMPable(), now uses snmp_get_multi().

[FIX] Give slightly more space for MIB type on device/edit/sensors/

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Trivial: Remove stray u from beginning of file
[TRIVIAL] Fixed tooltip position.

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[MINOR] More speedup and less db queries in device ports page. Fixed some js tooltips.

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[MAJOR] Fixed huge memory usage by ports detail page, also reduced the amount of db queries in device ports page.

Fixed counting usage dbFetchCell. Fixed lost 'wifi' discovery module in defaults.

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[TRIVIAL] Disabled scrollwheel and streetview on default frontpage map.

[TRIVIAL] Disable graphing FDB counts if fdb table empty.

[TRIVIAL] Fixed mystical variable.

[MINOR] Fixed clear user permissions when user delete (appear in r5570).

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[MAJOR] Improved polling for module 'graphs' (now graphs not polled if not have relevant data for current MIB).

Added edit section for re-enable or manual disable specific graphs.

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[MINOR] Disabled debug port spikes by default. Added more checks for detect port HC counters, ports never swithes back to 32bit if 64bit detected.

[FIX] Show graphs that are likely to exist on "default" os

[MINOR] Fixed ports never rechecked that has HC counters. Improved debugging for spikes, added config options for enable/disable spikes debug.

Medium: fix LDAP authentication (change from r4807) if you don't have auth_ldap_group set
Trivial: syntaxer
  1. … 17 more files in changeset.
[FIX] Fix accurate billing graphs (variable inside single quotes!)

[MINOR] Small fixes for html/rancid/versioncheck.

  1. … 3 more files in changeset.
[MINOR] Fixed Q-BRIDGE discovery, improved module stats output.

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[MINOR] Use both sysObjectID and sysUpTime in isSNMPable().

[TRIVIAL] Added mib_dir() for isSNMPable().

[FIX] switch isSNMPable() to use sysObjectID instead of sysUpTime (which Meraki doesn't support!)

[MINOR] Small fixes.

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[FIX] Fix Cisco SLA collection. Add basic graphs discovery module.

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[TRIVIAL] Fixed Simple API includes (OBSERVIUM-957).

[TRIVIAL] Bad, very bad calix.

[TRIVIAL] Updated max-rep for calix devices (due latest firmware changes).

[ADD] Add graphing of Cisco ASA IPv4 sessions (from CISCO-FIREWALL-MIB)

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[ADD] Add code to remove entries from alert_table and group_table when ports are removed.

[MAJOR] Fixed broken auth function calls (since r5733). Also fixes latest broken "fixes".